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King Charles III calls to order Camilla: this tense sequence that has not gone unnoticed

This Monday, March 13, King Charles III made his first official speech as head of the Commonwealth at Westminster Abbey in London. A ceremony broadcast live on the BBC during which the sovereign was impatient with his wife Camilla Parker Bowles as she exchanged a few words with Prince William.

Charles III, an impatient king? This Monday, March 13, the 74-year-old monarch was talked about for his temperament. On the occasion of the Commonwealth Day, the Windsor clan was expected at Westminster Abbey in London, from 15:30, for a religious ceremony. As tradition dictates, the active members of The Firm made their entrance together in the premises where Charles III delivered his first official speech as head of the fifty member states of the organization. Before taking her seat, Camilla Parker Bowles did not fail to exchange a few words with Prince William and Kate Middleton. A conversation too long to believe that the reaction of Charles III.


Throwing a few smiles to his brother Prince Edward and his wife Sophie of Wessex, the sovereign did not hesitate to interrupt his son and his wife. A hand placed on his arm, he pressed her to take her place at his side. Looking serious, even displeased, the king then slipped his queen consort a few words before putting his hair back in place and moving into the abbey. Followed by the Princess and the Prince of Wales, the new Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, but also Princess Anne and her very discreet husband, Sir Timothy Laurence, the couple then took their place in the front row. An amazing sequence broadcast live on the BBC.

Charles III, a “capricious” king?

King Charles III is known for his humorous movements and his temperament “direct, abrupt, brutal”. “He is capricious, he is used to being served. He is very brittle towards his collaborators. He doesn’t like it when his collaborators answer him, he doesn’t believe in dialogue”, explained to Gala.fr last October Marc Roche, who was in contact with the Prince of Wales on several occasions. Before adding: “About his sense of humor, it only works one way”.

“He can be quite a needy and temperamental individual, and get annoyed when little mishaps happen (…) He has a hot temper, and she knows how to calm him down, how to pamper him,” Jennie Bond told Ok Magazine. A fiery and authoritarian temperament with which his wife Camilla Parker Bowles “very talented” to reassure her husband had to deal.

Photo credits : Agence / Bestimage

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