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Camilla Parker Bowles: this fetish accessory of Elizabeth II that she never leaves

Brightly colored suit, diamond brooch, Launer handbag, Queen Elizabeth II had her own style. Camilla Parker Bowles perpetuates one of the monarch’s passions in her own way.

Camilla Parker Bowles was at the side of King Charles III during the Commonwealth Day service. At this major event on Monday, March 13, the Queen Consort wore an elegant blue look. Everyone noticed the sapphire and diamond brooch on her, a brooch that belonged to Queen Elizabeth II. However, this is not the only fashion accessory that the wife of Charles III inherited from her mother-in-law. That day, Camilla Parker Bowles, 75, also wore a handbag from the brand Launer.

It turns out that Launer is the official leather goods supplier of Queen Elizabeth II. Since the 1970s, Camilla’s late mother-in-law has carried Launer handbag models. According to the British media, Elizabeth II would own in the 200 models of Launer handbags. One of her handbags, her favorite handbag, was even designed by Launer just for her. For 50 years, no one has been allowed to carry this unique model of Queen Elizabeth in public.

Camilla Parker Bowles: a queen consort who loves Launer bags

The Queen Consort shares the same passion as Queen Elizabeth II for Launer handbags. She almost never separates from them either. If Queen Elizabeth even wore her fetish handbag during her last engagement before dying at the age of 96, Camilla Parker Bowles also wore it several times, says People magazine. Camilla rarely takes out her Tosca clutch from Launer. The wife of Charles III used the same bag at Kate Middleton’s carol concert. She also wore it during the first state visit of King Charles’ reign, recalls People.

Photos credits: Bestimage

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