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George, Charlotte and Louis: will they be present at the coronation of Charles III? The question is decided!

It is the question that all the British are asking themselves: will the princes and princess George, Charlotte and Louis of Wales be present at the coronation of King Charles III? It seems that there is finally an answer.

The coronation of King Charles III is fast approaching. With just a few weeks to go before the ceremony, His Majesty is doing everything in his power to focus on royal matters. And organizing this historic moment is not an easy task. While the presence of some guests seems to be still under discussion, the King can count on the presence of his son William and his wife Kate, who shared a touching family photo. Despite their notable absence on Commonwealth Day, Princes and Princesses George, Charlotte and Louis are expected to attend the coronation of King Charles III.

Prince George is now nine years old and his presence on this historic day is no longer in doubt, as the King and Queen want him to play a leading role. Presumably, it would be the same for Charlotte and Louis. While Charlotte will blow out her eighth candle five days before the coronation and Louis will be only five years old, they should still be part of the ceremony. The Times has obtained the documents of the rehearsals and the three children should follow the procession after the exit of Westminster Abbey and join their parents in the car that will follow the King and Queen.

A historic presence

For the moment, the presence of the two younger children of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is not confirmed by Buckhingham Palace, but the participation of Charlotte and Louis would be a first in the royal family. In 1953, Prince Charles was only 4 years old and attended only a small part of the service at the coronation of his mother Queen Elizabeth II. Thus, the King could break with tradition by giving an important role to his grandchildren. We will have to wait a little longer to know if the princes and princesses George, Charlotte and Louis will be present and what they will do during the ceremony.

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