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King Charles III: the title that Archie will not inherit!

Become officially prince of England at the beginning of March, the young Archie, could not inherit one of the titles of his father Prince Harry, because of his paternal grandfather, the king Charles III.

He will be 4 years old on May 6, the date of his grandfather’s coronation. Archie, the eldest son of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is, despite himself, at the heart of the internal wars that fracture the British royal family. Yet we thought the time for appeasement came in early March, when the Crown (finally) granted the titles of prince and princess to Archie and Lilibet, the two children of the Sussexes. But, according to the royal expert Richard Eden, Charles III could continue to make his grandchildren pay for the choices of their parents.

Interviewed in the talk show Palace Confidential, Richard Eden believes that Charles III would like to prevent Archie from becoming Duke of Sussex at the death of his father Prince Harry. A title which he should logically inherit. The sovereign would have discreetly created a precedent by appointing his brother Edward Duke of Edinburgh, while specifying that the title would return to the Crown at his death. “I heard that one of the reasons is that the king wants to prevent Archie from inheriting the title of Duke of Sussex,” said the royal expert.

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Will King Charles III succeed in disinheriting Archie from the title of Duke of Sussex?

But Richard Eden estimates however that if Charles III succeeded in “creating this precedent”, that could not be enough to disinherit the young Archie. “The problem is that he will have to proceed in this way with all the royal dukes, but it would really not be in his interest to do the same with the very respected dukes of Gloucester and Kent”, points out the royal expert, who refers to the titles of two first cousins of Elizabeth II, Richard and Edward. If this will of disinheritance of Charles III remains hypothetical, it questions on the resentment that the king would nourish with the attention of his younger son. Especially since the question of Archie’s title will only arise at the death of Prince Harry. A death that should, logically, intervene long after the disappearance of the current king of England.

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