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King Charles III visits Bordeaux: why his stay could turn into a nightmare

From March 26 to 29, Charles III and Camilla Parker-Bowles are expected in France. But it could well be that this trip turns into a nightmare.

This is his first state visit since becoming King of England. From March 26 to 29, Charles III and his wife Camilla Parker-Bowles will travel to France, and then to Germany. It is therefore in the French capital that the monarch decided to drop his bags first, to then go to Bordeaux, to visit the areas affected by the fires last summer. But can this trip go well? Indeed, the visit of King Charles III will fall at the same time as the anger does not cease to swell in the streets of France. More and more demonstrators are rushing to the places of power such as the Elysee or the National Assembly to shout their discontent with the pension reform.

Worse still, some unions or political leaders do not hesitate to offer a special welcome to the royal couple. On France Info, this Monday, March 20, Olivier Besancenot, spokesman for the New Anti-Capitalist Party, said that the future king will be welcomed “with a good old general strike”. And since the reform is voted and the motions of censure have not passed, the demonstrations are still more lively and sometimes violent. “We will continue to mobilize and this visit will be in our sights,” members of the CGT and FO had told Sud-Ouest.


Will the demonstrators be right about the coming of Charles III?

And indeed, on social networks, many Internet users do not hesitate to call on the French to strengthen their demonstration on the day of the trip of Charles III and Camilla Parker Bowles to Bordeaux. “I pray for a big day of mobilization in Bordeaux on the day of the arrival of Charles III,” wrote one of them on Twitter. A second also called out the unions: “I hope you will disrupt the arrival of Charles III, in France on November 27 between Paris and Versailles and then Bordeaux!”. According to Sud-Ouest, the royal couple is expected in Bordeaux at the Saint-Jean train station. They will then reach the city center via a dedicated tramway. But now everything will change because “it is almost certain that the king will not be able to take the streetcar. No driver will want to drive it. There will be supervisors or managers to do it, but there will be people on the tracks.”

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