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Amelia Spencer: Diana’s niece got married, were Harry and William present?

This Tuesday, March 21, the English tabloid Hello Magazine! revealed that the niece of Lady Diana, Lady Amelia Spencer finally married her husband Greg Mallett in South Africa. A wedding in all discretion, where only relatives were present. What about Harry and William, her cousins? We tell you everything.

We can say that it was a very expected wedding! Lady Amelia Spencer, the daughter of Charles Spencer and niece of Lady Diana has finally said “yes” to her partner Greg Mallett revealed this Tuesday, March 21 in worldwide exclusivity the English magazine Hello! Engaged to her companion since July 22, 2020, Lady Amelia was finally able to unite with him during a ceremony in South Africa whose exact date was not specified.

According to the tabloid, the two married did not fail to testify to their joy to finally celebrate this event: “Getting married here means so much to me. Having grown up here together for the past 14 years, all my and Greg’s best moments as a couple are in South Africa. It’s even more special now,” said the 30-year-old, while her husband said, “I’ve been dreaming of seeing Amelia walk down the aisle for 14 years,” who had previously confided that he knew Amelia “was the girl of his dreams.”

Among those present for this great celebration, Lady Amelia’s twin sister Lady Eliza, their older sister Lady Kitty and their younger brother Samuel all attended the celebration and shared the joy with their sister. However, the father of the bride and brother of Lady Diana, Charles Spencer, seems not to have been invited to the ceremony. As for Prince Harry and Prince William, cousins of the bride, neither made the trip to South Africa to attend the wedding and the joy of this wedding. Prince Harry, in the midst of turmoil with the British royal family, may not have seen fit to attend the wedding, while Prince William was surely held back in the United Kingdom following the preparations for the Coronation of his father on May 6.


Lady Amelia Spencer: her “special connection” with her aunt Diana

While she was only five years old at the time of the tragic death of her aunt Lady Di, Amelia Spencer had confided in 2020, again to Hello magazine! feel a form of connection with the former Princess of Wales: “I feel I have a compassionate nature, I hope it is something I inherited from her. Diana was an incredible icon, she touched the hearts and lives of many people” she said.

Very marked by this death, the young woman, in the company of her sister, had also expressed her regrets of not having known enough the sister of her father, and keeps only good memories and warm feelings towards her. Words that must have warmed the heart of his two royal cousins.

Photo credits: AGENCY / BESTIMAGE

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