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King Charles III in danger in France? This “heavy” security device to avoid the worst

From March 26 to 29, Charles III and Camilla will make a stopover in France, for their first trip abroad. An official trip that will be subject to a very important security device because of the events in France and the popularity of the future crowned king.

Charles III is expected to visit Paris and the southwest of France from March 26 to 29. This trip abroad, the first for the future crowned king, took place in a turbulent social context in France. In the wake of the adoption of the pension reform, anger is being expressed through demonstrations and blockades. In addition, there was a certain resentment expressed towards Charles III during his last trips to the United Kingdom. All this has pushed the French and British authorities to refine a security device called “high spectrum”, reports BFM TV.

Recently, it is the subject of discussions and preparations between Buckingham Palace, the Elysee and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. During this three-day visit, the security of Charles III will be ensured by the protection service (SDLP), managed by the French Ministry of the Interior. According to our colleagues from BFM TV, the arrival of British security officers has also been arranged.

King Charles III’s trip to Bordeaux made more complicated?

All the trips and events on the program of the state visit of Harry and William’s father will mobilize significant police resources. They will be necessary to secure the places and the routes of the official procession, in which will be notably Charles III and the queen consort Camilla. Both of them are expected under the Arc de Triomphe, at the Musée d’Orsay, at the Château de Versailles and then in Bordeaux. For the South-West, the king crowned next May must go there by train, then used the streetcar. But, there too, security issues and demonstrations could force the program has been revised.

Our colleagues from BFM TV also indicate that Charles III was advised against crowd-bathing during his official visit, while he was heckled by slogans and booing. On the French side, protests related to the current social mobilization are feared, especially during the descent of the Champs-Élysées avenue, to the Élysée, by Charles III and Emmanuel Macron, Monday, March 27. “An important device composed of both units of mobile forces (CRS and EGM) and BRAV-M is already planned,” says BFM TV.

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