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Elizabeth II: 7 months after her death, her personal assistant decorated

It’s been almost seven months since the death of Queen Elizabeth II, and her memory continues to be celebrated. Awards in his name have been given to his relatives: among the recipients, Angela Kelly, his famous assistant and confidante, as told “Hello!” this March 25, 2023.

Any work deserves a medal among monarchs. Angela Kelly, the famous dresser and confidante of Queen Elizabeth II has been rewarded for her devotion to the late monarch, seven months after her death. She was named Commander of the Victorian Order when the “Demise Honours” were published, the decorations that honour the relatives of a member of the royal family after the death of the latter. As Hello! magazine recalls on March 25, 2023, the relationship between Angela Kelly and the Queen of England was “incredible”.

First entered as a maid in the service of Elizabeth II, Angela Kelly became her regular dresser, the one who tried on her shoes to relax them, the one who made her laugh and who shared her confidences. A personal assistant who became a devoted friend, almost the only one, in Elizabeth II’s bodyguard.

Angela Kelly has distanced herself from the royal family

For 7 months, Angela Kelly has been discreet. In Paris Match, on December 29, 2022, the journalist and specialist of the royal families Stéphane Bern revealed that since the death of the sovereign, Angela Kelly had not moved from the royal estate but did not seem to be called by the Firm for her services: “She continues to live in a small house ‘of grace and favor’ granted by her royal patroness on the Windsor estate.

But it is a safe bet that she is part of the staff of the late sovereign to whom the new King Charles III, who was certainly jealous of her closeness to Elizabeth II, served her dismissal,” the host of Secrets of History explained to the magazine. Charles III has never really loved the designer. In cause, the various books she has written on his work so particular and original, he never really appreciated.

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