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Postponed visit of King Charles III and Camilla in France: this other disappointment suffered in the past

This is not the first time that King Charles III and his wife Camilla have to change their program at the last minute. In 2005 for their wedding, a tragic event had to postpone the ceremony.

They have experienced other disappointments. Two days before their arrival in France, King Charles III and Camilla have seen their trip cancelled. They were expected to visit Paris and Bordeaux this Sunday, March 26, before going to Germany. But because of the social protests related to the pension reform and the new mobilization scheduled for next Tuesday, March 28, it was agreed to a last-minute postponement between the British monarch and the French president, Emmanuel Macron. This is not the first time for the royal couple that such a change of program occurs. In 2005, their wedding had to be postponed.

This union, which was supposed to take place on Friday, April 8, was postponed by twenty-four hours due to the death of Pope John Paul II, which occurred on April 2. The then Prince had to go to the funeral organized in Rome. “His Majesty the Prince will attend the funeral of Pope John Paul II in Rome. As a mark of respect, His Majesty and Mrs. Parker Bowles have decided to postpone their wedding until Saturday,” a Clarence House spokesman said at the time. Several guests expected to attend the ceremony in Windsor were also expected to attend the funeral of the Holy Father.

Queen Elizabeth II absent

King Charles III and Camilla were married civilly in 2005, six years after the divorce with Lady Diana. But the death of William and Harry’s mother in 1997 forced Camilla Parker Bowles to take a back seat. A marriage under these conditions would have shocked public opinion. Especially since a second marriage is not in the customs of the royal family. On April 9, 2005, Queen Elizabeth II did not attend the ceremony. As head of the Church of England, which disapproves of divorce, she could not support this union.

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