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Sarah Ferguson and Queen Elizabeth II ?

In an interview with the American magazine People, Sarah Ferguson suggested that her house was possibly haunted by the ghost of the late Queen Elizabeth II, since she inherited her beloved corgis.

Spirit are you here? It’s been six months since the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. As England prepares to crown her heir, Charles III, the eldest son of the late monarch, she still holds a very special place in the hearts of the British people as well as members of the royal family. Starting with Sarah Ferguson and her ex-husband Prince Andrew, who were honored with the task of caring for Queen Elizabeth II’s corgis after her death. The couple, who still live together at the Royal Lodge, despite their divorce in 1996, thus inherited Muick and Sandy… Much to Fergie’s delight.

“I’m their favorite, but everyone always says it’s mostly because I feed them. I love everything about them and I’m the one who spoils them the most,” Sarah Ferguson told Hello! magazine. A big responsibility when you know that these royal dogs lead a canine lifestyle far from ordinary. Raised on an indulgent diet of fresh beef, corn-fed chicken, lamb and rabbit specially prepared by the Queen’s royal chefs, the furballs get their own menu “chosen and sent to the kitchen every month by Mrs. Fenncick, who looked after all the dogs at Sandringham,” as royal chef Darren McGrady reported to Hello!

Sarah Ferguson’s house haunted by the ghost of Queen Elizabeth II?

If the mother of Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie is taking good care of these royal dogs, the Duchess of York also claims that she could feel the presence of Queen Elizabeth II in her Windsor home thanks to the corgis’ intuition. A strange fact that exceeds the limit of understanding, which she had vaguely mentioned in the columns of People, explaining that the two dogs “often barked for nothing” and that this led her to believe that the ghost of Queen Elizabeth II “often passes by”. A theory that should convince only the less Cartesian.

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