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Camilla tireless Queen consort at 75: her secret to keep going

Camilla had to postpone her visit to France with Charles III. But as their coronation approaches on May 6, the new queen is not reducing the pace. As she approaches her 76th birthday, she has her little tricks to stay alert…

Her next appointment with Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron will be at Westminster Abbey, for the coronation of Charles III, on May 6. Her couple had to postpone their state visit to France, initially scheduled for March 26 to 29, because of the explosive political context in the hexagon. But Camilla, who will also be crowned queen on May 6, is not slowing down the pace. She will be at the side of her husband in Germany, from this Wednesday 29 March, as planned. At 75 years old (76 next July), the Queen, with the exception of the two times she was diagnosed positive for Covid, in February 2022 and last February, does not shy away from her schedule organized over several months. Certainly, at 96 years, Elizabeth II herself will have honored her function until the day before her death. But Camilla, who was able to surprise the sovereign with her stamina, remains one of the most committed members of the royal family. Her secret to beating the pavement: comfortable shoes.

As the Bunte website notes, the septuagenarian queen never wears heels higher than 5 centimeters, while Kate Middleton or the newly appointed Sophie of Edinburgh perch on 10 to 12 centimeters. Like Elizabeth II, sulking for its part the heels of more than 6 cm, the wife of Charles III also favors the square heels, which ensures a better balance. She particularly favors the models of the brand Eliot Zed. Especially its boots with slightly compensated soles. While she asked Bruce Oldfield, Diana’s favorite designer, to make her coronation dress, Camilla avoids comparisons with the first wife of Charles III, in terms of pumps. The late Princess of Wales, when she was not wearing Tod’s loafers, loved Jimmy Choo high heels.

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Camilla, a queen also adopts yoga, good fats and … bee venom!

The wife of Charles III has other tricks to stay in the best shape. Prone to back pain, she regularly indulges in yoga and pilates sessions – in 2017, during a visit to Singapore, she stressed “the importance of exercising and stretching with age.” With her husband, she also practices long walks, especially when they stay in Scotland, to maintain her stamina. In terms of food, influenced by Charles III, she now opts only for fresh and organic products. Salmon, almonds and avocado are the only (good) fats she allows herself. In terms of cosmetics, she likes to apply a serum based on bee venom, known for its anti-inflammatory virtues and its tightening effect. The top of the top to continue to agitate in the royal hive …

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