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Camilla queen consort: this trick stolen from Elizabeth II during her travels

As she approaches her 76th birthday and her coronation, Camilla Parker Bowles is taking care of herself. She has borrowed a trick from her mother-in-law, Elizabeth II, to make her travels as pleasant as possible.

Their relationship has not always been easy. And for good reason, Queen Elizabeth II took time to accept Camilla Parker Bowles. From Prince Charles’ childhood sweetheart to queen consort, she has established herself in the royal family, but also in the hearts of many Britons. And yet, not everything was won in advance. Unable to stay away from each other, Charles and Camilla, after a romance in the 1970s, had an affair while they were both married.

After their respective divorces, the two lovers eventually reunited and then married in 2005. If their relationship remained cool for many years, Queen Elizabeth II and the wife of her son have come to appreciate each other. So much so that the monarch herself asked that Camilla be designated as queen consort when Charles became king. The latter even borrowed a trick from her mother-in-law for her numerous trips, as revealed by the German magazine Bunte. Indeed, she never wears shoes with heels over 5 cm. Thus, at 75 years, she avoids getting tired.


Camilla Parker Bowles takes care of herself

At her age, the mother-in-law of Prince William favors comfort. In addition to the size, she also wears shoes with square heels. The reason? They make it easier to keep your balance. Again, Elizabeth II used this trick regularly. What does not Kate Middleton, younger, and adept at pumps. Especially since her husband is very tall (1.91 m).

The other stratagem used by Camilla Parker Bowles to be sure to hold up during the many engagements in which she participates each year, is to subject herself to physical activity, which she favors soft. Walking (especially when she’s in Scotland), yoga and pilates are her favorites. In fact, she had pointed out in 2017 during a visit to Singapore “the importance of exercising and stretching with age.” Keeping fit while stealing a few tricks from Elizabeth II, who remained mobile well into her 90s, seems like the perfect solution for the wife of Charles III.

Photo credits: AGENCY / BESTIMAGE

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