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EXCLUSIVE – Prince Albert of Monaco, his confidences on his twins Jacques and Gabriella: “They are very fusional”

The prince spoke about the complicity between his two twins, Jacques and Gabriella, whom he observes on a daily basis for his greatest happiness.

Fulfilled in his function as a prince, Albert of Monaco is also fulfilled as a father. His wife, Charlene of Monaco, gave birth to twins Gabriella and Jacques on December 10, 2014. Since then, the 65-year-old sovereign has found his cruising rhythm between his princely obligations and his family life, trying hard to be a father like all the others. Above all, he observes with great pride the brotherly relationship that develops every day before his eyes. “They are very fused, very close to each other,” said Albert of Monaco, in an interview with Gala, in the edition on newsstands this Thursday, March 30.

In his agenda, the son of Rainier II of Monaco and actress Grace Kelly wants to reserve exclusive moments for his twins. For their greatest happiness, it happens “by surprise to pick them up in the afternoon” at school. By relying on the restoration-conservation of the castle, but also exhibitions, Albert of Monaco also displays a desire to awaken Jacques and Gabriella to art. To Gala, the prince also insists on these moments of “family life”, such as “walks in the countryside” or “at sea”, which he tries to preserve as much as possible.

Prince Albert of Monaco prepares Jacques for the throne

When he is with Jacques and Gabriella, Albert of Monaco is busy “creating a happy environment”, so that “everything goes well” today, but also in the years to come. And for good reason, the sovereign is well aware that it is necessary to surround them and prepare them for the future heavy with responsibilities that awaits them on the Rock. The crown prince and his sister, always very complicit but with different characters, have already sat on the throne, “without thinking too much”, rather in a process of “play”, Albert of Monaco told Gala. In this sense, Jacques is “learning at his own pace”, via a phase of transmission led by his father “little by little”, what will be his future daily life when he succeeds him to the throne of the principality of Monaco.

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