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King Charles III moved: this great project in memory of Queen Elizabeth II comes to an end

Charles III polished his image as a green king by posing for photographers in the gardens of Sandringham. As explained by “The Express” on April 2, 2023, the king has put an end to a project that was close to his heart.

With one month to go before the coronation, the king puts an end to the mourning. The operation had not been planned in this way but it concludes with elegance a few months of sadness. In May 2021, Charles and Queen Elizabeth II had planted a tree in Windsor Park to kick off the Queen’s Green Canopy, an initiative to plant a multitude of trees throughout the kingdom. On April 2, 2023, the new king planted the last tree in Sandringham Gardens with Prince William.

Charles III thanked all those who participated in the operation: “It is difficult to imagine that two years have passed since my mother and I planted the tree in Windsor (…)”. He offered them his “heartfelt thanks” for the 3 million trees planted. The operation was intended to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee in 2022, but after her death it was extended to end just before the coronation of Charles III.


A coronation that will pay off

On May 6, the English will be celebrating as King Charles III will be crowned in the magnificent Westminster Abbey in London. A day so important for the Crown that is already preparing in the shadows for years under the name “Operation Golden Orb”.  And gold, the country could gain considerably thanks to this historic event. According to figures from the Centre for Retail Research, reported by the Sun on Sunday 2 April, families and tourists are expected to spend £1.4 billion on this occasion. According to the forecast of our colleagues, the British and the curious from all over the world should spend a lot of money to buy souvenirs, commemorative items, alcohol or even meals before the ceremony on May 6. The hotel and restaurant industry will also be the big winners of this day organized in honor of the King. For example, pubs will be able to stay open for an extra two hours during the coronation weekend, which will mean a gain of 194.04 million pounds for the sector, as reported by the Sun.

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