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Coronation of Charles III: behind the scenes, the organizers “tear their hair out”!

The coronation of King Charles III is approaching fast. Wanting a ceremony combining tradition and modernity, the sovereign would give a hard time to its organizers as revealed by the royal expert Daniela Elser.

The countdown is on. On May 6, Charles III will be crowned king in the magnificent Westminster Abbey in London. A coronation that is meant to be grandiose but different from that of Elizabeth II, less expensive and above all more modern. Therefore, the preparations for this event, which will bring together a large number of personalities, are becoming a real headache for the organizers, as revealed by the expert Daniela Elser on the site news.com.au, this Monday, April 3. “It’s a real challenge. They are pulling out their hair and gnashing their teeth in all the planning of this coronation,” she said.

Indeed, the desire of Camilla Parker Bowles’ husband to keep the traditions of the institution while infusing them with a modern twist often gives the organizers a hard time. The latter must then “find a good balance” to meet the expectations of Charles III and especially those of the British. “There must be enough theatricality to satisfy the masses glued to their televisions, given that the fastest way to keep the public at its side is in the thrilling demonstrations of royal grandeur,” the journalist knew. Nothing will be left to chance to make this coronation as historic as memorable.

Charles III anxious about his coronation

With less than two months to go before his coronation, Charles III would be in the grip of a great anxiety. Indeed, the monarch would be anxious at the idea of climbing the steps of Westminster Abbey. In order to best prepare Prince William’s father for this exercise, stairs in every way similar to those of the Abbey have been built, as revealed by The Mail on Sunday. “It will be a feat of endurance. It is therefore crucial that the stairs are not a surprise on the day,” a source told the British tabloid, which recalls that the king and Queen Consort Camilla will have to perform a “delicate” choreography.

To ensure that Charles III does not commit any faux pas during this sumptuous ceremony, a replica of all the elements of the coronation scene should be built in Buckingham’s village hall, where the rehearsals for the long-awaited event should take place. This covert operation has been called Golden Orb. “It’s a big undertaking. The builders are working on it right now. It will be an exact replica of the elevated stage or ‘theater’ that will be built in the abbey during the coronation of the king and queen consort,” a source said. What to reassure a little bit Charles III.

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