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Prince Albert of Monaco: his shy confessions on his meeting with Princess Charlene

During an interview with the channel specialized in sports BeIn Sports, Prince Albert of Monaco made some revelations about his meeting with the one who is now his wife, Princess Charlene of Monaco. A meeting that took place in very special conditions.

Revelations rare enough to be noticed. This Sunday, April 2, Prince Albert II of Monaco gave an interview to the channel specialized in sports BeIn Sports. The opportunity to talk about the importance that this practice could have in his life but also on some more personal and intimate details about his private life.

If some of them were funny, like the way the monarch wakes up in the morning, others allow us to discover more about his life, especially about his meeting with his wife, Princess Charlene of Monaco. Questioned first of all on this common passion that the two spouses have, the reigning prince confirmed that it is this love that they have each for the sport that had allowed the two lovers to “find each other”.

Questioned then on the conditions of their meeting, the father of Jacques and Gabriella revealed that it had taken place during a swimming competition within the Rock: “We have an international meeting here every year in June. And so, it happened like that. We talked after the competition. I had given her her medal because she had won her race, the 100 meters of water. And then, we talked afterwards” he revealed shyly, without saying much more.


Prince Albert of Monaco: how the Olympic Games have impacted … his marriage!

The prince, who should go to the Coronation of Charles III on May 6, also returned during this interview on the importance that sport, and especially his commitment to the International Olympic Committee, can take in his life. To the point of even postponing the date of his wedding, as one of the journalists recalled!

“The wedding was even postponed to attend the Olympic Games. I think it was very important,” said Claire Arnoux. An information confirmed by the prince: “Yes, because there was a change of date of the IOC session. And so, here it is, I couldn’t miss one, anyway” he explained with a smile.

Photo credits: Screenshot / BeinSports

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