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Catherine Princess Of Wales and Prince William: their shot at Meghan Markle and Harry

Prince William and Catherine Princess Of Wales can count on the support of Jacinda Ardern. This Tuesday, April 4, their foundation Earthshot announced that the former New Zealand Prime Minister has joined its board of directors. And this while she would have distanced herself from Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, recalls the Daily Mail, that same day.

Did William and Catherine Princess Of Wales succeed where Meghan and Harry failed? To each couple its commitments and its support. If the Sussexes are committed to women’s rights and minorities, the Cambridges work publicly for the ecology. The former received an award for his stance against racist remarks within the Royal family, the latter presents awards at the Earthshot evening to five laureates for their contributions to the planet. An annual event attended by many personalities and welcomed by Jacinda Ardern.

This Tuesday, April 4, the foundation’s Instagram account announced that the outgoing New Zealand Prime Minister is about to join the board of directors of the Earthshot award. An organization that she says has the “power to encourage and spread not only the innovation we desperately need, but also optimism.” Across the Channel, the tabloids see it as a nod to the Sussexes after her comments on their documentary series on Netflix Liv To Lead (Lives to Lead, leaders in the soul) in which she appears, recalls the Daily Mail, that same day.

Jacinda Ardern’s comments on Meghan and Harry that sow doubt

At the time, the former Prime Minister had explained that she had participated in the program without knowing that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were hiding behind the project, unveiled in December 2022. When the program release was announced, a press release from Jacinda Ardern’s teams, relayed by The Times, explained, “In early March 2019, the Prime Minister was approached by the Mandela Foundation to participate in a project to develop accessible resources on key leadership attributes for aspiring young leaders around the world, based on a one-hour interview.”

Because the interview was conducted in 2019 for “print and digital books, short films and audio books,” Jacinda Ardern’s office explains that a book was indeed published, “in May of this year.” But the Prime Minister’s office was “informed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would be presenting the series; noting that this was nearly two and a half years after the interview was recorded and that permission for use by the Mandela Foundation had already been provided. “All communications were with the foundation”, but never directly with the Sussexes, the statement said. Since then, the British and New Zealand media saw in this statement a distancing from Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Rumors to which the main interested party has never responded.

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  1. It’s about time that Harry and Meghan pay for the deplorable accusations against the royal family that they have been spewing out since they settled in our country. If Harry felt he was unfairly treated by his farther King Charles and his brother Prince of Wales William he should have sat down with them told them how he felt instead of acting like a spoiled child with his not so royal wife Meghan the “D” actress who leads him around by his sniffling nose.No,they saw a chance to make a lot of money with Harry’s book Spare of course he was the spare for the throne Prince William was the first child of King Charles so he was in line to be the king and their Netflix saga crying how badly they were treated again by King Charles and Prince William was just another way to make money it didn’t matter who they hurt the worst thing Harry said was the vicious attack on the Queen Consort Camilla it proves he has a vicious streak. Oprah’s interview was a joke we all know how Oprah leads a person on in an interview Meghan was caught in several lie and were called out on by social media interviews of other royals on YouTube. Since they both don’t want to be part of the royal family I’m my book they shouldn’t be treated like Royal if they have the nerve to show up at King Charles coronation keep them of the balcony and certainly away from any royal celebrations they have proven especially Harry that they absolutely no love for the royal family Harry made his bed he has to lie in it along with his wanna be a star Meghan. God Bless King Charles Queen Consort Camilla and Prince and Princess of Wales William and Catherine I pray they have a peaceful lovely day for the coronation minus the two who wrote their own ticket of lies one never turns you back on your family you may need them in the future when Meghan the social climber drops Harry where or who can he turn too. 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🥰

  2. Excelente I would never say it better mayself they’re are very selfish you never said anything about the children I feel sorry for them we only see the surface what they want us to see child service should keep an eye 👁️ on them I pray for the royal family and for William and Kate have a happy married life together and happiness with family

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