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Coronation of King Charles III: the dress code will surprise

The big event is fast approaching. As revealed by our colleagues of Hello! this Monday, April 3, the outfits of Queen Consort Camilla and Kate Middleton will remain secret until the D-day. However, Charles III has given some stylistic instructions to his guests, which will surprise some experts.

In a few weeks, the eyes of the world will be on London for the coronation of Charles III. As reported by our British colleagues of Hello! magazine on Monday, April 3, the outfits of Queen Consort Camilla and Princess of Wales Kate Middleton will not be unveiled until May 6. However, they should respect the wish of the sovereign, who would have asked his guests to come dressed more casually than usual. For example, according to Hello!, members of Parliament have been asked to leave their formal clothes behind: “We already knew that the King’s coronation would be celebrated in a different way than Queen Elizabeth II’s,” said Hello!

Indeed, in 2023, members of the House of Lords will have to wear their scarlet wool ermine with a white fur collar or a sober garment. A pomp that is usually used “at the official opening of Parliament each year. A tradition that had also come under scrutiny because of the true nature of the fur and its supply. By 2019, Queen Elizabeth had stopped wearing it. In 2020, Baroness Hayman, a life peer, had called for genuine fur “to be replaced by synthetic dresses for good.” The latter had notably opted for a replica during her induction into the House of Lords.

The desire for a modern monarchy

During the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, peers wore a headdress similar to a crown to indicate their rank. Thus, to fit in with today’s society, Charles III advocated more sobriety. “It wouldn’t be surprising if peers and guests dressed more casually for the king’s coronation, given his awareness of the current cost of living crisis and his desire for a much more modern monarchy,” Danielle Stacey explained to Hello! Far from having asked for a change in dress, the sovereign has also decided that the ceremony will be shorter.

The ceremony will last only one hour, whereas in 1953, the coronation of Elizabeth II lasted three hours. “The world has changed so much since the coronation of the Queen, seventy years ago, that it is logical that Charles puts his own stamp on it,” concluded the specialist. In order to see how the monarchy will be in the era of 2023, we will meet on May 6, at Westminster Abbey.

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