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Prince William asked to respond to Harry and acknowledge his brother’s pain

A royal family expert criticizes Prince William for not responding to his brother’s unfiltered claims about the Firm.

The royal family “should have reacted”. This Tuesday, April 4, in the Daily Express, a royal family expert urged Prince William to respond to his brother, the Duke of Sussex. Since his withdrawal from the royal family, Prince Harry has been unpacking the British monarchy. In his book, his interviews or the Netflix series, he reveals without filter the intimate life of the most famous English family in the world. Faced with this, the clan should have reacted, according to Alexander Larma, royal expert and author of The Windsors at War: The King, His Brother and a Divided Family. “I think Prince William should have given an interview in which he would have extended the hand of brotherhood,” he said in the columns of the newspaper across the Channel.

According to him, the Prince of Wales missed an opportunity to take a stand in response to his little brother. He could have let him know that their family is “very concerned” for the youngest of 38 years who left his Royal duties. “William should have said, ‘We are all very concerned about him. We understand that he went through the most terrible traumatic shock when his mother died so young. You know, we know that life has been difficult for him,” the royal expert notes.

A lost trust

According to him, the lack of response of the royal family to all the statements of Prince Harry is a cause of the current situation that the British crown is suffering. He does not see how the father of Archie and Lilibet can “have any relationship” with members of his family. The two brothers have always had close brotherly ties that now seem to be a thing of the past. A close friend of Prince William told the Daily Express that he did not know if the latter could “again fully trust his brother.

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  1. I disagree. Harry has to take responsibility for his behaviour, he’s a privileged adult not a child. It was unfortunate that Megan Markle, a true narcissist took over Harry’s choices in behaviour. Of course the drugs didn’t help.

  2. What about the hurt and upset those two have caused the Royal Family. William also lost his Mother. Harry wants to be part of the family for one reason only and thats money. Withiut the Royalty behind him he has nothing but his horrible wife and his kids.

  3. I do believe that harry has to move on and stop criticizing his family. Harry has to remember that William hurt as much as he did when losing Diana. Meghan divorced her family and now your doing it? What’s with that? I feel Meghan and Harry need to get to know themselves before tearing apart other people.

  4. I disagree with that their is no longer any trust left between Harry and the Crown trashing the family is his only source of income he and his wife receive also it has gone on now for to long to many lies he really should move into the future and stop whining live for tomorrow and a new day not ground dog day every day

  5. Harry has lost the trust of his family friends and the British people I definitely never want to see him or that actress ever again after what they did to my Queen in the last year’s of her life

  6. I disagree. Harry has been unfiltered and has destroyed any trust with William. What could William say to make this better? II expect if the full truth were known there would be a he says…. He says argument. Harry needs to get on with his life, he still seems to be hankering after the half in half out rubbish he wanted at the beginning. How dare he and Megan think they can make money off the royal family name and then pick and choose the jobs they want to do. It’s beyond me how Harry can not understand by airing his dirty linen in public he just looks like a jealous unhinged little boy…. He needs to grow up and get on with his life.

  7. There is no freaking way that Prince Wlliam will respond to that airhead prince. He did it all to himself and now he wants attention? Well, he deserved to be ignored since he left his Royal duties and trashing his own family for money. It must have been painful for him by now that he is being ignored and given no importance by the Royals and the Brits. This arrogance prince need to move on with his narcissist wife, Meghan M.

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