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It’s official! Camilla rewarded: she gets the title of queen

Camilla will be crowned on May 6 next alongside King Charles III, as Queen Consort. In everyday life, she will finally be called simply the “Queen”: a simplification that reflects the affection of the British for the second wife of their new sovereign.

With one month to go, we know a little more about the famous coronation of Charles III, which will take place during three days of festivities in the United Kingdom from May 6 to 8. Of course, it is still unknown if Prince Harry will accept the invitation of his family and travel to London to attend the big day of his father. On the other hand, the role that Camilla will play during the ceremony and throughout the reign of her second husband is becoming clear. The Daily Mail had already reported on February 26 that Buckingham Palace is preparing to officially describe her as the “Queen” rather than the “Queen Consort”. An information now confirmed by the expert Rebecca English on Twitter.

“Buckingham Palace has just confirmed that the Queen Consort will be known as Queen Camilla after the coronation,” reads a Twitter post. And while previous wives of royals had indeed dropped the predicate “consort” to be called simply “queen,” the shortcut seemed inapplicable to Camilla. For good reason, when she married the Prince of Wales for the second time in 2005, she had preferred to take the title of Duchess of Cornwall rather than Princess of Wales, still too attached to Lady Di in the collective imagination.


A total reversal

As time went by, Camilla managed to seduce the British people as well as her family-in-law. So much so that on the occasion of her platinum jubilee, Elizabeth II had issued an official statement endorsing her: “It is my sincere wish that, when the time comes, Camilla will be known as Queen Consort, as she continues her loyal service,” she had made known by official decree, thus cancelling the previous directives.

“There is a feeling that the time will come when it will be easier for everyone to refer to Camilla simply as our Queen. Until then, she will be called ‘Queen Consort’,” a source close to Buckingham Palace told the Daily Mail on February 26. If this change of name should occur only after the coronation, our British colleagues had also pointed out that the charity of Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall’s Reading Room has already been renamed in Queen’s Reading Room, without the predicate “consort”.

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