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Coronation of Charles III: the relations between William and Harry more tense than ever …

One month before the coronation of Charles III, the answer of Prince Harry is still waiting. Will he go to London on May 6? A silence that would annoy his brother Prince William, already furious against the husband of Meghan Markle, reports a close source to The Express UK, this Friday April 7.

Between Harry and William, the relationship “has never been so bad”. The first having already attracted the wrath of his brother by leaving the royal family in January 2022, his media unpacking had the effect of a bomb. On TV, in his documentary series for Netflix or in his memoirs, the youngest of Charles III has multiplied the revelations on his daily life at Buckingham Palace and his relationship with The Firm. The Prince of Wales tries not to react publicly “for the good of his family and the country”, but he would not be less “anxious”, “sad” and “burning inside”, says a close source in the columns of The Times, last January 8.

To this annoyance is added the expectation. That of knowing if his brother Harry and his wife Meghan Markle will indeed go to London on May 6 for the coronation of their father. According to another source at L’Express, Prince William is “disconcerted by the fact that Harry does not say publicly that he will come to the coronation, especially since everyone thinks he will be there.” And this, while “the deadline for responding to invitations passed at the beginning of the week,” say our confreres. “Relations have never been so bad and it seems that Harry drags things out to try to be difficult, frankly,” laments this close.

Prince Harry worried about his safety?

Still according to the latter, the suspense should not last because the Sussex couple could very soon give its answer. At Buckingham Palace, many would think that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will attend the ceremony to be held in Westminster Abbey. Host of the podcast To Di For Daily and an expert on the royal family, Kinsey Schofield explains their silence: “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have taught us by their actions that they do not believe they owe anything to the public.”

Before adding, “Harry and Meghan have become increasingly discreet about their movements in and out of the UK for security reasons.” Thus, Buckingham Palace would have been informed of their presence at the coronation “with a request for discretion to ensure the safety of the trip.” Before going with his comment that if the couple attended the funeral of Elizabeth II in September 2022, he should do the same for the big day of the king.

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