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King Charles III is angry with Harry: he won’t take his calls anymore!

In his book to be published on 13 April, Our King Charles III – The Man and The Monarch Revealed, Robert Jobson has returned to the tensions between Prince Harry and Charles III. According to the author, the 74-year-old monarch has “stopped taking phone calls” from his son.

Relations between King Charles III and his son, Prince Harry, have often been strained. The publication of The Surrogate has exacerbated the situation, even though the Duke of Sussex and the 74-year-old monarch have had many disagreements in the past. This is evidenced by the revelations of journalist Robert Jobson in his book on the life of King Charles III, Our King Charles III – The Man and The Monarch, due to be published on 13 April. In his book, the expert revealed that the son of Elizabeth II had “stopped taking phone calls” from Prince Harry. The reason? The latter would have been “rude” and would have insisted heavily on having money, even with his grandmother.

“Her Majesty found Prince Harry‘s calls quite difficult and tiresome. She did not want to interfere in the father/son relationship and invited him to speak to his father,” revealed a source in Robert Jobson’s book, reported the Mirror on Tuesday 11 April. The result? When Queen Elizabeth II died on 8 September last year, Prince Harry immediately turned to Charles III and increased his requests. A situation that did not fail to “shock” the entourage of the two men. “Charles stopped taking calls after his son insulted him and asked for money on several occasions during their tense calls,” the source continued.

Charles III frustrated: that day Harry stole his thunder

In excerpts from his book, published this Saturday 8 April in the Daily Mail, Robert Jobson also returned to another particularly frustrating episode for King Charles III, namely the day the press learned of Meghan Markle’s relationship with Prince Harry. And for good reason: the Duke of Sussex had issued an official statement, without the agreement of the royal family, in which he asked that the “harassment” suffered by his companion stop.

According to the royal expert, Charles III, who was travelling in the country, was “disappointed at what he considered bad manners. “[Charles III] would never have done such a thing if the Queen was out of town,” said a former royal aide, who lamented that Prince Harry had prioritised his relationship with Meghan Markle over his father’s public image. Despite the multiple disagreements with his son, however, King Charles III decided to put water in his wine and invited Prince Harry to his coronation, scheduled for 6 May. An invitation that remains unanswered for the moment.

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