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Exit Meghan Markle? What her absence from the coronation of Charles III means

Ever since it became known that Prince Harry would be present at the coronation of Charles III on 6 May in London, Buckingham has been in an uproar. The youngest of the British monarchs will attend the coronation alone, without Meghan Markle and their children, who have remained in California. But what does the Duchess’ notable absence mean for her future within the Windsor clan? Answer.

The British royal family will be almost complete, when Charles III is crowned in London on 6 May. Prince Harry, who has been living in the United States for more than three years with Meghan Markle and their two children, will do his father the honour of attending his coronation. But the Duke of Sussex will be alone at Westminster Abbey. His little family will remain in California. For the second time since her official entry into the Firm in 2018 – Meghan did not attend Prince Philip’s funeral either because she was pregnant with Lilibet Diana – the daughter-in-law of the sovereign prefers to remain in the background. But what does this mean for the former actress’ future in the Windsor clan?

“The fact that [Meghan] is not attending suggests that it is now highly unlikely that we will see her attend any official or palace event again – with the possible exception of the king’s funeral,” suggests journalist Robert Jobson, author of a biography of Charles III published in the UK this April 13, in The Sun. Officially, Prince William’s sister-in-law chose to stay in the United States to look after Lilibet Diana and Archie, who will turn four on the day of the coronation. But unofficially, this excuse would only be a roundabout way to avoid getting into the mouth of the British media again, which would not hesitate to comment on every move of the former Suits star.

Will Meghan Markle be seen at a royal event again?

According to a source close to Harry and Meghan interviewed by The Telegraph on Wednesday, the mother-of-one’s decision is also a way of affirming that her life and future are now well and truly in the United States. This same source also suggests that the presence of the former actress could have “overshadowed the event”, which was not desirable for the one who has suffered since 2018 from harassment from the press and admirers of the monarchy. The article also states that Harry and Meghan were very “concerned” about how they would be received by the British people if they attended the coronation together.

The fact that Harry has finally agreed to come and support his father, despite the latter’s refusal to give in to his demands, on what will undoubtedly be the most important day of his life, is no small thing. For some royal experts, it is a sign that Lady Diana’s youngest son is willing to put aside his differences with the Firm for the sake of his family. This does not mean that his relationship with his brother or Queen Camilla will miraculously improve. But it could be that the 30-year-old’s step forward is seen as “hope” by his father.

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  1. She can permanently exit by divorcing Harry and going off into the subset never to be heard from again. She is a gold digger looking for attention and need professional help

  2. God Bless Harry for doing the right and proper thing. In spite of Meghan. I am sure when he returns, she will punish him in some way..
    Lets face it – she may abe a good actress – what else has she got. NO DIGNITY, BREEDING, CLASS, honesty etc etc etc.

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