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Royal history in the making: King Charles III’s groundbreaking moment with new crowned coin!

King Charles III will wear the crown of St Edward on 6 May 2023, during his coronation ceremony at Westminster Abbey. This week, King Charles received representatives of the Royal Mint at Westminster Castle to receive the first £5 gold coronation coin on which he appears with a crown for the first time.

The first performance of Charles III with a crown
King Charles III will wear a crown for the first time on 6 May. At Westminster Abbey, he will even wear two crowns during the ceremony. The coronation itself will involve wearing the St Edward’s Crown, but he will leave the Abbey wearing the Imperial Crown of State, the one he will wear every year thereafter for the parliamentary opening ceremony.


Since the beginning of his reign, Charles has not yet worn a crown and there is no representation of the crowned monarch. Stamps and banknotes bearing his image show a king without a crown. From 24 April, Britons will be able to buy commemorative coins, minted to mark Charles’ coronation, on which the monarch appears crowned for the very first time.

“The reverse side of each coin in the 2023 collection features the official portrait of the crowned King Charles III, designed by Martin Jennings and personally approved by Her Majesty,” explains the Royal Mint. The Coronation Collection comprises four coins of different denominations, which will not be traded. King Charles has chosen to appear on these coins with the Tudor crown on his head.

The Tudor crown no longer exists and was destroyed, like most of the Crown Jewels in the 17th century, during the short republican period. However, British monarchs have made a habit of using this representation to appear on coins or stamps. King Charles is shown in profile, looking to the left, as on all other coins bearing his image that will be in circulation in the country. It is traditional for each monarch to look in the opposite direction to his predecessor. Elizabeth II always looked to the right on all coins minted during her reign.

King Charles III receives his coronation coin

On 13 April 2023, King Charles III received Anne Jessopp and Rebecca Morgan, respectively President and Director of the Royal Mint, at Westminster Castle. They presented the 74-year-old monarch with the very first £5 gold coin from this exceptional collection. King Charles saw his first ever crowned portrait. The King’s portrait is encircled by the words ‘CHARLES III – D – G – REX – F – D – 5 POUNDS – 2023’, which means ‘Charles III, King by the Grace of God, Defender of the Faith’.

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