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Shocking: Prince Harry’s Hurtful Comments Leave The Queen Consort in Tears

In the columns of the Sun on 15 April, a friend of Camilla’s confided in the newspaper how the Queen Consort reacted when she read a passage about her that Prince Harry wrote in his memoirs.

On 10 January this year, Prince Harry gave his truth about the British royal family behind the scenes in his book Spare. In it, Archie and Lilibet’s dad doesn’t mince his words, especially about his stepmother Camilla. Indeed, William’s younger brother wrote about the woman who shares his father’s life, King Charles III, whom he was afraid would become a “wicked stepmother” who is also “dangerous”.

“I have complex feelings about having gained a step-parent who I thought had recently sacrificed me on the altar of personal public relations,” Prince Harry explained in the memoirs, referring to information about him that Camilla had allegedly leaked to the British press, to quietly improve her own image. A close friend of the Queen Consort told The Sun on Saturday 15 April about Prince Harry’s tackling of her: “Of course it bothers her. Of course it hurts her. But she doesn’t let it get her down.” Furthermore, Camilla’s close friend said that “her philosophy is always: ‘Don’t make a big deal of it and it will get better – the less said about it, the quicker it will get fixed.’ -“

A mother-in-law and a prince who will have to put on a brave face on 6 May

In any case, Prince Harry will cross paths with his mother-in-law on 6 May in the UK, when he will travel alone, and thus without his wife Meghan Markle and their two children, to attend the coronation of his father, King Charles III. It remains to be seen whether they can put their differences aside. In the columns of the Sunday Times, a royal family aide spoke about the impact of the monarch’s love affair with his wife on Harry and William. He explained that after the infamous romance was revealed, the two young boys hoped that a wedding would not take place. The children had even begged their father not to let it happen. “There was no wailing or gnashing of teeth, but rather a rolling of the eyelids,” he said nevertheless.

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