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Watch Charles III and Camilla’s Unforgettable Ride on the London Underground: A Must-listen Audio!

Since Thursday 4 May, and in the run-up to the coronation which will take place on 6 May at Westminster Abbey, King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla have been keen to address a word to the British people, in the very precincts of the London Underground.

The British people are known worldwide for their humour, and neither King Charles III nor Queen Consort Camilla will be tarnishing that reputation. On Thursday 4 May, London Underground commuters were surprised to hear the voices of their sovereigns coming from the underground corridors. Each in turn, the couple spoke a phrase. Starting with the King: “My wife and I wish you a wonderful coronation weekend. This was followed by Camilla’s voice, who added: “Wherever you are going, we hope you have a safe and enjoyable day.”

And while this otherwise tender message doesn’t seem to be out of place, the end of the audio concludes with a humorous, mischievous tone: “And remember, please watch your step. It’s like a royal replay of the famous, heady message that is broadcast in all the world’s metros. It’s a funny message, but a useful one, as the English capital is preparing to welcome more than 1.2 million people this coronation weekend. And some have already set up their tents near Buckingham Palace


A coronation that is less lavish

After seventy years of reign, accompanied by immense popularity, Queen Elizabeth II passed away on 8 September 2022, handing over her crown to her son Charles. For his coronation, King Charles III has scaled down the festivities. Only 2,000 people will be invited to Westminster Abbey, 8,000 less than the ceremony for the late Queen. The ceremony, which lasted three hours in 1953, will be divided by three on 6 May. But while the coronation will be less lavish, it is likely to cost much more than Queen Elizabeth’s. According to the British daily Mirror, the total cost of the festivities is expected to be around 285 million euros, five times more than the coronation of Elizabeth II, with 171 million euros being invested in the security of tourists attending the event. In this case, it is perhaps necessary to remind onlookers… To watch their step.

Photo credits: Mirrorpix / Bestimage

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