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Unveiling the “Explosive” Coronation Cake: Delve into the Reign of Charles III!

After the coronation celebrations of Charles III in London a few days ago, some guests took a piece of cake with them. The Sunday Express revealed this Sunday 14 May, that this snack gave one of the guests a good scare.

The city of London and supporters of British royalty lived to the rhythm of the coronation of King Charles III on Saturday 6 May. Eight months after the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth II, the heir to the throne and his wife Camilla were crowned King and Queen of England in front of some 2,300 guests in Westminster Abbey. This was followed by numerous celebrations at Buckingham Palace and lavish meals. To avoid waste, the royal couple offered some guests the right to take away a slice of cake planned for the occasion. This charming attention caused a big scare for the two-time Grammy-nominated composer Tarik O’Regan, who was present for this historic moment.

The British media Sunday Express revealed on Sunday 14 May that the musician was stopped by airport security because of his density and shape. Indeed, the X-ray scanner detected an object that had “exactly the same density as a plastic explosive.” And because a pair of headphones was under the slice of cake, the officers concluded that it was a detonator. The musical virtuoso said: “They showed me on the screen how disturbing it was! I was very impressed with their investigative work. And they saw the humour of the situation.” More fear than harm, as what looked like a pipe bomb was actually a piece of the royal cake… topped with fruit.

The last coronation?

Seventy years after his late mother, Charles III and his wife Camilla held no less than four days of coronation celebrations. If this event is exceptional for the British people, it is even more so for the various kingdoms, since England is the last European monarchy to still have a coronation. Prince William himself is said to have expressed reservations about his own coronation. Robert Morris, honorary professor at the Constitution Unit of University College London, told the Daily Mail. “It seems very likely that William would prefer his father’s style of coronation, if he wanted a coronation at all. He added: “William or the Government of the day may decide, for whatever reason, that the day of coronations is over. Are we seeing the beginnings of a simpler monarchy here?

Photo credits: Backgrid USA / Bestimage

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