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Unveiling the Coronation of king Charles III: An Intruder Unmasked During Rehearsals!

A week ago, on 6 May, Charles III was crowned in Westminster Abbey. Prior to this, Camilla Parker Bowles’ husband spent many hours in rehearsals. Although the preparations for this historic day were supposed to be conducted in strict privacy, the monarch spotted the presence of a BBC cameraman and did not hesitate to have him removed, as revealed by The Express.

An unexpected presence that did not escape the monarch’s eye. On 6 May, Charles III was crowned King of England in Westminster Abbey. In order to avoid any faux pas during this historic coronation, the husband of Queen Consort Camilla Parker Bowles did not count his hours of rehearsal. On Friday 5 May, the 74 year-old royal attended the final rehearsals. Although these preparations were supposed to take place away from prying eyes, a BBC cameraman slipped in behind the scenes of the event, as revealed by our colleagues from The Express on Saturday 13 May. Hiding behind a screen where King Charles was to be blessed with holy oil, Neil Paton is accused of secretly filming the most secret sequence of the coronation. An intrusion that was quickly spotted by the son of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

“The monarch reportedly spotted him trying to film, after which security was called and he was escorted from the venue, while his accreditation was torn off,” the British tabloid revealed. Finger-pointed, Neil Paton then defended himself to his BBC bosses. The latter assured “that he had left his post to fetch a camera kit and had inadvertently found himself in that part of the abbey”. During this exchange, the cameraman certified that he had not taken out his mobile phone to film the anointing. For its part, the British national channel did not fail to react to this scandal. “While we do not comment on individuals, much of what has been reported about this story is completely incorrect.” Since the “humiliating” incident, Neil Paton has stopped working for the BCC, The Express reported.


Charles III: his moment of complicity with Prince Louis during the rehearsals

Two full rehearsals were held in the days leading up to 6 May. An essential stage that also turned out to be a bit boring. This is what a person close to the crown said in the Sunday Express on Sunday 14 May: “It was a long day and everyone was a bit tired and stressed. Even the King was starting to look tired. He was sitting on the throne looking glum.” Fortunately for the king, a little ray of sunshine had burst in and that person was his grandson. “Suddenly, [Charles III] saw Prince Louis […] His eyes lit up,” said a source close to the British royal family. You could see how much he adores the little boy.

The youngest child of the Prince and Princess of Wales then had the privilege of a very private lesson on the habits and customs of the British monarchy from his illustrious grandfather. He showed her all the regalia and the royal insignia, telling her what each piece was for. “He explained everything to her and showed her the different gems. At that moment, they both seemed completely enchanted. It was a beautiful thing to see,” said the witness to this complicity, who shared this tender moment with our British colleagues at the Sunday Express.

Photo credits: Agence / Bestimage

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