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George, Charlotte, and Louis: Fulfilling Charles III’s Most Cherished Dream for His Beloved Grandchildren

In a documentary broadcast on British television on Saturday 20 May, a royal expert revealed King Charles III’s wish for his eldest son William’s three children, proving that he really does care about their well-being.

On Saturday 20 May, the documentary The Fab Five: The King’s Grandchildren was broadcast on Channel 5 British television. Chandrika Kaul, a professor of modern history at the University of St Andrews, was one of the participants and spoke about Charles III’s dream for Princes George, Louis and Princess Charlotte. For this expert on the English royal family, the monarch wants the three children of his eldest son, Prince William, to “grow up as normal as possible” and not make “the same mistakes he did”.

This has a direct link to his own love life and the fact that he has not always been mindful of his true wishes in his love life (by staying married to Lady Diana while being madly in love with the Queen Consort, Camilla). Thus, according to Chandrika Kaul, King Charles III is “very keen” for his grandchildren to listen to their intuition “especially in matters of the heart”.

According to the expert, the sovereign has learned from his past, from his failures, and hopes that the new generation will be better able to find the right path in their own lives. “I think he wants to help his grandchildren […] to become more complete human beings, who are not afraid of their emotions and who have the confidence to marry the person of their choice,” she said.

A united trio, not just a future heir

In the Channel 5 documentary, she added that the King would like Princes George and Louis and Princess Charlotte to have “happy, successful and fulfilling personal lives”, so having more freedom in the future to decide to fall in love with the right person for them. English journalist Ayesha Hazarika suggested that King Charles III will also have to ensure that Prince William and Princess of Wales‘s two younger children find their place in the family, understanding that they are not simply “spare parts” for their older brother, who aspires to be monarch one day, nor are they “surplus”.

This is a direct reference to the position of Prince Harry, who explained in his biography that he has felt like a second to his brother since he was very young. It also suggests that Charlotte and Louis could be more involved in royal outings, taking some of the weight off George’s shoulders as he is the heir to the throne.

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