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Did Prince William discreetly wink at Harry during Charles III’s coronation?

On Tuesday 23 May, the Daily Mail’s editorial team looked at the videos posted by William and Princess of Wales the day after the coronation of Charles III. As our colleagues noticed, in the video posted by the Prince and Princess of Wales, a detail concerning Prince Harry caught the attention of Internet users.

A detail that did not go unnoticed. The day after the coronation of Charles III, Prince William and Princess of Wales shared some video clips of the backstage of this historic ceremony. And in one particular sequence, a photograph caught the attention of many internet users.

Indeed, as reported by the Daily Mail on Tuesday 23 September, a video clip published on YouTube by the Prince and Princess of Wales shows Princess Charlotte wandering around the living room. More specifically, in front of a piano. And on the instrument, several photo portraits are placed. Notably a portrait of Lady Diana where she appears smiling, with her two boys. And for many internet users, the fact that Prince Harry is also present in this family photo proves how much he means to his older brother, despite their increasingly strained relationship. “I sincerely wish Harry and William could get together. Diana would be devastated,” one user commented.

Harry and William, a “broken” relationship?

William and Harry were last seen together on 19 September at the funeral of the late Queen Elizabeth II. Although they both attended their father’s coronation, their paths did not cross that day. This is a surprising fact about which Stéphane Bern spoke to Elle magazine on 15 May.

There is something that broke between the two,” the presenter announced in the preamble. It’s a question of divergent memories. They don’t have the same memory. One has a positive memory, the other holds a grudge. For him, Meghan Markle’s husband – having preferred to flee his country of origin in order to be with his family – would have things to reproach his older brother who, for his part, is still very much invested in the future of the monarchy.

Photo credits: Dana Press / Bestimage

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