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Unveiling the Legend: Prince Albert of Monaco Prepares to Illuminate the Grimaldi Legacy on the Silver Screen, and His Revelations Will Leave You Spellbound!

Variety magazine announced that a series on the history of the Grimaldi dynasty would soon be released. In an article published by Monaco-Matin on Tuesday 23 May, Prince Albert II revealed more.

It is now eight centuries since the Grimaldi dynasty conquered Monaco, making it the oldest family in Europe, ahead of even the Windsors in England. A few days ago, Variety magazine revealed that the Casiraghi family had embarked on the production of several feature films to shed light on their ancestors. The aim of this series of films will be to retrace the history of the conquest of Monaco, which began in 1297 by Francis Grimaldi ‘Le Malicieux’. Named simply “Monaco”, the saga will obviously be written in collaboration with the Palace’s historians. It would even appear that Pathé, OSP and Chapter 2 are joining in the production with Astrea Films (a production company that Beatrice Borromeo founded in Monaco in 2018).

This Tuesday 23 May, Prince Albert II gave Monaco-Matin more details about this large-scale project. “This project is well advanced, the script and the story are almost finalised and this was done with the historians of the Palace and others,” explained the Prince. He continued: “It is essential that this story is as accurate as possible from a historical point of view, but also controlled given the involvement of the family, which will be supported by great professionals.” And even though he has not seen the final script, the Prince of Monaco assured us that the evocations he had been able to get would be very close to historical reality.

Royal promise

Beatrice Borromeo had shared a press release in the columns of Variety via Aestra Filma in which she explained: “We have been overwhelmed by the amount of untold, intriguing and epic stories that have been hidden in ancient documents and private correspondence across the centuries.” For his part, Dimitri Rassam confided that the story of the Grimaldis was “epic in every way: family, adventure, intrigue. The true story of the founding of the Grimaldis of Monaco, some seven centuries ago, is one of the most captivating stories I’ve been lucky enough to discover thanks to the initiative of Beatrice, Andrea and Pierre.”

So all we have to do now is wait and see what happens next in this exciting saga set on the Rock.


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