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King Charles III: The Magnificent Challenge Awaiting the King in the Upcoming Months

King Charles III has only been on the throne for eight months, and already some commentators are suggesting that he is not welcome everywhere in his kingdom. According to “The Express” on 27 May 2023, he may find it difficult to be accepted by the Commonwealth.

Evicted from part of his kingdom. King Charles III is not only King of England but also head of certain other territories united around the Crown under the name Commonwealth, such as Barbados, Antigua and Jamaica. It turns out that, according to The Express, Jamaicans would like to “get rid” of the new king “next year”.

Although Jamaica has been an independent state since 1962, the country would like to make a definitive break with its past as a British colony and no longer be part of the kingdom for good. A referendum could even be held in 2024 on the subject of the monarchy. The newspaper’s website recalls that when the Prince and Princess of Wales visited Jamaica in 2022, Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness told them of his desire to become independent.

King Charles III goes to Romania for a rest

After the tumult of his coronation, Charles III has decided to head for Romania. A visit scheduled for 2 June and confirmed by Romanian Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă, as reported by New.ro. And while the British monarch is due to hold talks with President Klaus Iohannis, he will also be heading for Transylvania, a region he fell in love with back in 1998, as reported by the website Histoires royales. The son of the late Elizabeth II is said to have bought a blue farmhouse right in the heart of Dracula’s country, as reported by the Romania Journal website. The Romanian home of the father of Princes William and Harry is a real gem located in the sumptuous village of Viscri, between Brasov and Sighisoara. This picturesque place, built around a fortified evangelical church dating back to the 12th century, was listed as a UNESCO cultural heritage site in 1999.

Photo credits: Agence / Bestimage

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