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King Charles III’s Controversial Gesture for Princess Lilibet’s Birthday Draws Criticism from Prince Harry

The grandeur of Princess Lilibet’s second birthday celebration took an unexpected turn as tensions between Prince Harry and his father, King Charles III, came to the forefront. Despite the strained relationship, the King had meticulously planned a remarkable surprise for his beloved granddaughter’s special day. However, news broke on June 8th, courtesy of Page Six, that Prince Harry vehemently objected to the extravagant gift.

Time flies, and little Princess Lilibet is already growing up! On June 4th, she celebrated her second birthday in Montecito, California. Amidst the ongoing rift between Prince Harry and King Charles III, the King had orchestrated a truly enchanting present for his granddaughter. Sadly, Prince Harry intervened, deeming the gift excessively lavish. Nevertheless, just days before the princess’s birthday, a reliable source shared with L’Express UK that the King had discovered the perfect surprise: a meticulously crafted custom-made doll’s house. This thoughtful gift mirrored the doll’s houses enjoyed by the Queen and Princess Margaret during their own childhoods. According to the source, this extraordinary present was intended to create a lasting memory, an ultimate surprise that Princess Lilibet would cherish for a lifetime.


With relations between father and son more strained than ever, Prince Harry made a visit to the UK this week, one month after King Charles III’s coronation. However, the purpose of his trip was not one of joyous reunion. Instead, he appeared before the High Court in a legal battle against the publisher of the Daily Mail. The Prince himself filed the lawsuit, accusing the British tabloid of illegally hacking into his phone messages spanning from 1996 to 2010.

During the two-day hearings on June 6th and 7th, the Duke of Sussex bravely addressed the numerous scandals that had thrust him into the media spotlight. He passionately accused the tabloid journalists of meddling in every aspect of his life, from childhood to adulthood. Meanwhile, King Charles III sought solace at his vacation residence in Romania, raising questions about his deliberate avoidance of his son during these emotional proceedings.

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