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Unraveling the Trooping the Colour Incident: Princess Charlotte’s Interaction with Sophie of Wessex

Princess Charlotte‘s presence at the Trooping the Colour parade alongside her great-aunt, Sophie of Edinburgh, sparked speculation when a video captured a brief discussion between the Duchess and the 8-year-old princess. The exchange seemed to imply a scolding from her father’s aunt, leaving many curious about the details.

King Charles III marked another significant milestone as he celebrated his first birthday as sovereign during the Trooping the Colour parade on Saturday 17th June. While the entire active British royal family participated in the festivities, Sophie of Edinburgh, the monarch’s sister-in-law, graciously looked after the younger generation—Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis—allowing their parents to partake in the birthday parade.

A short video clip capturing Princess of Wales and William’s daughter and Prince Edward’s wife in the front row of a building overlooking Horse Guards Parade attracted attention among avid followers of the British royal family. During their conversation, it appeared that the Duchess of Edinburgh gently pulled the young princess back and uttered a few words, igniting speculation about the nature of their interaction.


Initial assumptions of a scolding from Sophie were dispelled by a professional lip-reader, Jeremy Freeman, who dismissed the notion. In an interview with the Daily Star, Freeman revealed that the 8-year-old princess actually asked her great-aunt a question: “How long will this last?” To which the Duchess of Edinburgh responded that the parade was coming to an end. This clarification provides a different perspective on their exchange.

Princess Charlotte’s Trooping the Colour experience also included a playful moment with King Charles III, her illustrious grandfather. A Twitter video captured the King, accompanied by his eldest son, the Prince of Wales, and his wife, Queen Camilla, subtly brushing Charlotte’s arm. Although initially puzzled, the quick-witted princess caught on after the second attempt, realizing that her mischievous grandfather was simply playing a light-hearted trick on her.

Discover the heartwarming and intriguing dynamics of the British royal family as we uncover the truth behind Princess Charlotte‘s interaction with Sophie of Wessex at the Trooping the Colour parade.

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