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Prince William’s Birthday: Reflecting on His Former Bond with Harry

On Wednesday, June 21, the United Kingdom celebrates Prince William‘s 41st birthday. While his relationship with his younger brother, Prince Harry, has become strained, there was a time when the two brothers shared a close bond. Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

The festivities continue across the Channel as the British royal family honors Prince William. Surrounded by Princess of Wales and their three children, the future King celebrates his milestone birthday with a special family meal. However, the absence of his younger brother, Prince Harry, who has been residing in California for over three years, is deeply felt. The Sussexes’ departure seems to have shattered the once strong bond, which Harry emotionally spoke about in a video recorded on his 21st birthday in 2005.

Hello Magazine! has unearthed an interview from 18 years ago conducted by the Associated Press, where Lady Diana’s youngest son spoke affectionately about his relationship with his elder brother. When asked if they were “allies” on a daily basis, Harry responded with a smile, “Absolutely, every year we get closer. We even hug after long periods of absence. And yes, he calls me when I’m not there, and vice versa.” These are words that seem distant from their current reality.

The Bonds of Trust: Harry’s Reflections on William

In the same interview, Harry was asked about the advice he received from his older brother. He jokingly replied, “I think it has become worrying over the years that I’m the one giving him advice.” Their relationship, which has since faded, was built on open and honest conversations. “In private and in public, we talk about everything. If he has problems he wants to talk about, he comes to see me. And apparently, I give him good advice,” shared Meghan Markle‘s future husband.

The Duke of Sussex also expressed the closeness they shared since their mother’s tragic passing seven years prior. “Since our mother died, we were obviously close. But he’s the only person on this earth I can really, really talk to about anything. We understand and support each other,” enthused the now rebellious member of the monarchy. Will the two brothers reconcile their differences and reunite in the future? Only time will reveal the answer.

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