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Unveiling Royal Truths: Prince William Confesses to Childhood Favoritism Over Prince Harry

For more than three years, the relationship between Princes William and Harry has been in ashes. Grudges, misunderstandings and low blows have kept the two sons of Charles III and Lady Diana apart for a long time. However, this climate of tension has not prevented the future King of England from acknowledging the difficulties his brother may have experienced as a child, reports OK! magazine.

Prince William conciliatory? The word may be a little strong given the situation, but the eldest son of Charles III is said to have admitted that his adolescence was simpler than that of his brother Prince Harry. On Monday 21 August, OK! magazine reported on the views of Dr Tessa Dunlop, an expert and historian of the royal family, who commented on the Prince of Wales’ probable feelings towards his younger brother. “He recognises that Harry had a more difficult upbringing than he did”, she said, while Lady Diana’s two sons have barely spoken since the Megxit three and a half years ago. “William is aware that certain privileges have not been granted to his younger brother,” she continued.

“[William] recognises that his brother was in a painful situation,” she insisted, highlighting the fact that the eldest had “taken advantage” of their mother for longer. This was decisive in the rest of the build-up. “Harry did not benefit from those three extra years”, she regretted. As a reminder, when Lady Di died under the Pont de l’Alma on 31 August 1997, William was 15 years old while Harry was preparing to celebrate his 13th birthday. “There were privileges in William’s life that were not available to Harry, which made his life more difficult,” said the expert.

Catherine Elizabeth Middleton’s influence on Prince William‘s development

Tessa Dunlop also analysed Catherine Elizabeth Middleton’s impact on Prince William. “He was lucky enough to meet Catherine Elizabeth Middleton at a very early age, and she was able to have a positive influence on him”, the historian pointed out. These not inconsiderable “advantages” of William over Harry do not prevent the heir to the British Crown from having been offended by the Duke of Sussex’s revelations about him in his memoirs, The Spare, published in January 2023. “Obviously William feels very hurt and it will take him some time to recover. But if Harry can make it to the coronation ceremony…” also argues Dr. Tessa Dunlop, pointing out that the princes have been trained since childhood to put on a brave face despite their disagreements behind the scenes.

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