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Power Struggle Around the Royal Lodge: King Charles III Gives in to His Brother Andrew

King Charles III has reversed his decision to expel his brother Prince Andrew from the Royal Lodge. A negotiation that succeeded with the help of Sarah Ferguson and her purse.

King Charles III backtracked. Last May, the British media revealed the monarch’s decision to evict Prince Andrew from Royal Lodge, the British Crown property where he has lived for nearly twenty years. He has now reversed his decision.

According to the Mirror, Charles III has decided to give his younger brother his country residence for an “indefinite” period. The agreement, reached within the walls of Balmoral this summer, comes with a number of conditions. In particular, Prince Andrew will have to prove that he is able to cover the cost of renovations, particularly to the roof and the increasing damp. The King is therefore asking for £2 million on the table (more than €2.3 million).

Sarah Ferguson to her ex-husband’s rescue

According to the British daily, Sarah Ferguson will make the advance. The sum was drawn from her personal fortune (perhaps she has found romance writing a lucrative business).

There are several explanations for this. The Royal Lodge is the Duchess of York’s home away from home. Although divorced in 1996, the two still live together. Sarah Ferguson has always supported her ex-husband: “It’s more than that, it’s Andrew’s pride. Andrew has always supported Sarah through her various past failures and she sees this as her chance to do the same”, reports a source from the couple.

Prince Andrew reportedly refused to leave

Disgraced and disowned by the monarchy, Prince Andrew was cut off from all income granted to active members of the crown. The tug-of-war between the two brothers over the Royal Lodge saw the father of princesses Beatrice and Eugenie show some signs of resistance. While urgent work was due to begin this summer – partly financed out of his own pocket – he reportedly refused to leave the premises, even temporarily, for fear of finding the door closed on his return.

King Charles III would not have left his brother without a home and offered him the chance to take up residence at Frogmore Cottage, which was vacated following the monarch’s decision to expel Meghan and Prince Harry from their English home.

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