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When Sarah Ferguson Crossed Paths with Diana: A Remarkable Encounter at the Police Station

This Sunday 15 October, Sarah Ferguson celebrates her 64th birthday. We take a look back at her crazy hen night with the late Princess Diana.

On 14 March, Sarah Ferguson was a guest on The Kelly Clarkson Show. In the midst of promoting the release of her new book, A Most Intriguing Lady, Sarah Ferguson, who celebrates her 64th birthday on Sunday 15 October, made an amusing confession about her hen party in 1986, before she married the father of her daughters, Prince Andrew. For this important moment in her life, the mother of Beatrice and Eugenie invited Diana.

Not everything went according to plan. As Sarah Ferguson recounts, the two young women got into the spirit of the occasion by dressing up as policewomen. “It was extraordinary, because we went to a nightclub,” she explained enthusiastically, adding that the staff of the establishment quickly came up to them and said: “Excuse me, this is a members-only club. It’s for fun and we don’t serve as police here.” All of which suggested that their outfits were credible. It didn’t end there though, as the police (real police this time) spotted them and arrested them for their confusing looks.

Police officers who realised their mistake

The authorities didn’t take kindly to their little joke, and wouldn’t tolerate them pretending to be officers. Sarah Ferguson and Lady Diana were therefore taken to the police van, and they had taken care to hide their engagement rings. But the late mother of Princes Harry and William seemed no more impressed than that by the circumstances, as she took the liberty of nibbling on some “bacon-flavoured crisps” that she had found in the vehicle.

She started picking them up and eating them”, said the Duchess of York, recalling that the police officer put her in her place by telling her that she “[couldn’t] do that”. In the end, the two young women were quickly released when the police realised that they were members of the British royal family. But at least the whole thing was a nice anecdote.


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