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King Charles III: his first words after the racist scandal that rocked the Royal family

In his first appearance since the publication of Omid Scobie’s “Endgame”, revealing several scandals within the royal family, the King of England was in Dubai for the opening of COP 28. Charles III spoke very briefly about the new affair that is shaking up the Windsors.

Not many words are needed. Visiting Dubai for the kick-off of COP 28 on 30 November, King Charles III gave a few updates on his state of health at a time when the royal family has been rocked by scandal. Omid Scobie, journalist and specialist on the British royal family, recently published a new book on the world’s most famous royals. Entitled Endgame, the book is already causing a stir: it mentions a racist scandal that alienated the Sussexes from the royal family. A scandal to which the sovereign alluded in front of the President of Nigeria, Bola Tinubu, who was also present in the United Arab Emirates for the international conference on climate change.

Asked about his health, the monarch was discreet, summing up his personal state in seven words at a time when the United Kingdom is shaken by a new affair, reports the Mirror. “I’m very well, more or less”, he explained, justifying his condition by the fact that he was 75 years old. Although he has not commented on recent news concerning his clan, Elizabeth II’s son has been honouring his diplomatic mission. He was in Dubai to “continue his work, and the main objective is work, and that’s what he’s doing”, a source told The Sun.

The affair at the heart of the split

Omid Scobie has returned to Harry and Meghan’s departure from England in his new book. Living in California since 2020, Archie and Lilibet’s parents had drifted apart for Meghan’s well-being but also because of racist remarks about Archie’s skin colour. To date, the names of the members of the royal family implicated for these remarks have not been revealed, and in his book Omid Scobie does not mention them either. Except in the version of the book translated into Dutch. This version, which has since been withdrawn from the market, is still causing a stir on the Web, and journalist Piers Morgan revealed the names on television. The royal family is considering legal action.

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